Thursday, July 24, 2014

It is she

Elizabeth had an MRI last week and it was an incredibly long day. She has areas in her brain that need to be monitored because they have always been"abnormal" or "diseased".  We have to make sure those areas do not grow. She came out of it sick and weak and looking at me as if to ask, "why would you let them do that to me-again!?" However, even coming out of sedation, her bright personality shone through.  I am in constant awe of her strength. These were my thoughts as I watched her drift off and go in for her scan. 

Courtesy of Aunt Sarah
She is determined
She is strong 
She is attitude
She is kind
She is willful
She is bright
She is silly 
She is sweet
She is bold
She is brave
She is vulnerable
She is warm
She is mine

She is Elizabeth. 

Good news-MRI stable. 

Side note-In case you were wondering, and maybe you weren't, but my posts have been super short for two reasons 1.) my brain is mush in the summertime  2.) my computer is still broken!
Anyway,  I hope to be back with more content soon :)! But for now it appears I can only write in adjectives! 
Stay tuned though, we had a no pants extravaganza at Rossford Park I have to tell you about, that will no doubt make you feel like a better parent!

Thursday, July 10, 2014


A mentor
A friend
A companion
A humanitarian
A leader
A listener
A parent
A developer 
A protector
A guide 
An example
An inspiration
An individual
A hand to hold
A shoulder to lean on
A loving heart.......

                                                                                 A Teacher

John and Elizabeth have been going to an enrichment class this week with their special education teacher and an aide in their classroom. You could tell how much the kids love and miss them. These women are amazing! Everything they stand for makes my heart soar. Teachers truly amaze me!