Monday, August 13, 2018

Here we go.....

I guess let me first start by saying, and I think it is fairly obvious, I’ve never taken a snap or ever run through the tunnel, made the tackle, and certainly never had the glory of  diving into the end zone. But I understand the importance of camaraderie, effort, teamwork, winning, losing, suffering, everything falling apart and then put it all back together, grace, anger, humanity, defeat, and rising to the occasion. That’s not just football, that’s life-does it make football relevant in this life, absolutely. Does it make it the only thing in this life, well, I mean, come on!! But we’re coming into a high school football season where I already care more than I should, have invested more time than I have, and thought about damn football and my son’s experience too much, and I don’t like to admit that because if you know anything about me you know that I have SO much more to worry about. But honestly, we all do! I think, well, I tell myself, it’s OK that I worry this much because this is going to be my only experience with high school football and I want him to get everything out of it-but at the same time what I can’t prepare for is the mistakes that will he will inevitably make and judgment that will ensue. I cannot protect him from the hits on the field and I certainly cannot protect him from the hits he will take from “well-meaning” adults off the field. And, frankly, it makes me want to suit up! Yeah, watch your back-I’m comin’ for ya! 😉
So, what’s  a girl to do? I decided to make a couple promises to myself. I will be positive and focus on being the best cheerleader for all activities. Don’t worry, not pulling out the old uniform-WAY too small! 😬
I’m cheering for soccer, volleyball, tennis, dance, debate, bowling, track, golf, basketball, etc. and I promise not to give two shits if you win or lose-because here’s the thing-you learn and become the man or woman you will be through BOTH (gasp) and you will not peak at Highlands High School. You are building your foundation through your successes and failures and this is your launchpad. My goodness, Birds, here’s your chance to build integrity, work ethic, and some of the best relationships of your life, and for each and every child at HHS, I hope you take these experiences to grow and learn and when you leave this nest, I hope you fly!!!  
Go Birds! 💙