Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Last year about this time, Jacob broke his leg in football practice. It has three days before school stared and it was extremely difficult to see him in so much pain and so helpless. No football, no basketball, no first day of school with his buddies. Adam and I were going on no sleep with him being in so much pain and our middle child waking up in the middle of the night every night and the dreaded stress of the first week of school. When I look back on that week, I consider it to be one of the most trying times for us. All of our children required full time care. Somehow when it is two out of three and you get used to it accept it, and then a wrench gets thrown into that, well it just seemed devastating. Although Jacob had his moments of feeling sorry for himself, overall he was so positive-his body was broken, but not his spirit. He would talk about being stronger because his break would grow together better than before, how he would train for basketball and do physical therapy, he would get his hours of make-up homework done (with only a bit of complaining :)- Children are so resilient. You hear that a lot, but when you see it in your own child, it is quite amazing. Jacob taught me as a 10 year-old that there are always going to be set- backs in life, and they will keep coming, no matter how much you plan. (Well I already knew that part!) It's how you handle those setbacks that character is built and the strength of mind and body grows. Broken bones are sometimes an unfortunate part of childhood, broken spirits should never be.

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