Monday, April 14, 2014

Somewhere In Between

Twelve Reasons why we love our almost teenagers, but don't always like them so much.............

1.) You say "I love you," he mumbles something and then "ya too." Ah, heartwarming

2.) His unbridled rage can make you want to hug, hit, and run away from him all at the same time.

(I have no idea where that rage comes from, by the way ;))

3.) He can literally hate and love the very same thing within seconds, and how dare you not know why?

4.) He tightens when you try and hug or kiss him, but turns into a big softy at bedtime, which is also now your bedtime and ironically the only time he wants affection and you desperately just want to sleep!

5.) His interests are Sports, sports, oh, and sports

6.) Just when you thought you had perfected the art of sarcasm, you realize you have nothing on the smartass mouth of a twelve year-old

7.) Don't even bring up the opposite sex, it is so clearly none of your business

8.) You see yourself in the eye roll and you want to smack yourself (and him) in the face and simultaneously apologize to your own Mother

9.) You realize it might be time for both of you to be seeing a therapist

10.) Hormones

11.) You thought drama was reserved for 12 year-old girls. Epic mistake.

12.) He doesn't need you as much, but you still want him to :(

Happy Birthday to my sweet, smart, funny, talented, frustrating, infuriating, crazy, wouldn't trade him for the world (most days), one and only-Jacob Alexander Brass

4 weeks
12 years

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