Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Meetings at school for IEPs, ARCs, behavior, blah are pretty much status quo around here. You get used to it. So going into the transitions meeting for John last week, I was fine-no big deal. Then it hit me, about halfway through-oh no, high school. It was like a tsunami in my gut. He can't go to high school. Its so big there and the kids are big, and they laugh with and at each other, and talk and joke around and go to Physics and they're so big.  And he doesn't do those things, and he never has so how can he go to high school?  But, that's how its been at every school, right? Yes, except Physics. But the other schools have pictures on the walls, and sensory rooms, and lots of colors, and bean bags!  I know, I am completely ridiculous. 
Will he be ok, probably. Will he adjust, hopefully. Will he learn in safe and loving environment, definitely. Will he care about any of the things that are making me crazy, I'm sure not. But I will. And there is nothing I can do.
I just need him to know, I will be here and I love him, my almost high schooler. 


When the sun rises in the morning
I’ll be your yawn
When the words don’t come
I’ll be your voice
When the fall creates pain
I’ll be your tears
When the world moves on
I’ll be your right here
When the boys play their games
I’ll be your friend
When you jump
I’ll be your ground
When the anxiousness fills you
I’ll be your break
When the music stops
I’ll be your song
When their eyes divert their gaze
I’ll be your contact
When the street is full
I’ll be your hand
When the moon creates night
I’ll be your pillow
Whenever, wherever, and whatever comes
I’ll be your mom

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