Wednesday, September 27, 2023

And remember

 Happy Birthday Adam!  Remember when we woke up at 5:30 for work after coming home from the bars at 2am and put on our pant suits, well you pants, me skirt suits  because it was a bank, and thats when my rage kind of first started, not even close, but sorry, this is about you. And then remember when we met up at Have a Nice Day Cafe and danced the night away? Well, if memory serves, your girlfriend was there and she tried to fight me and we got kicked out, but I knew I loved you so I stalked you and it became a bit of problem?!  And remember the night before our rehearsal dinner when the mirror fell on your head from the chest of drawers (is that the right way to say it?) and sliced your head open and you and your mom went to emergency room and I knew you were scared of blood, but I told you to pull yourself together?! Just the beginning of my "wife of the year awards".  And then remember when we married, bought a house, I changed jobs, and had a baby in that very first year? And then remember we had three perfect children in 5 years? But it turned out, society didn't think they were so perfect and our thirties were spent in therapies and doctors appointments for kids that maybe didn't want or need to be changed?!  And remember our amazing community, friends, and families, that kept showing up over and over and do so even to this day?  And remember getting into our forties and not knowing how we could continue to do this every single day?  Certain experiences for the kids just started to feel too hard. And remember the desperation in my eyes that I don't think you had seen before and you took on the "I'll take care of it role", when I was ready to quit? And then there are all the gaps in time that one just won't or can't remember? But, I hope you remember that very rarely whenever I see those very small cracks in you, I will fill them. How does one get so lucky in life as to be Adam Brass? That's a joke of course, but how does one be so lucky to be loved by him? Anyway, I remember all of these things. Happy Birthday, you are so loved, and obviously, there are no gifts. 

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