Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I got your social media

Check Facebook for the Instagram pic that I tweeted about. Right? I have no idea. I have just figured out Newsfeed on FB and struggle with not “liking” every picture. I tend to go overboard-I do really like them all! Then Twitter comes along with all the @'s and #'s and I have no idea how to follow or be followed. Frankly, I have trouble reading Twitter and couldn't tweet to anything if I wanted to, it is hard enough to read what others tweet as coherent thought. Then, Instagram makes pictures look all fancy and old- fashioned or does it? I couldn't tell you because I see the Instagram pictures only on Facebook, which is totally bizarre. That is not entirely true, I do have an Instagram account because my 11 year-old is on it and follows professional athletes which, to say the very least, is disconcerting. (Does anyone else see the irony in the name Incognito?) And no, I am not 85, I am almost 39 (depending when you read this). Excuse me? Oh, yes, of course I have a LinkedIn account. So what that it hasn't been updated since its inception and I have no idea how to make a “connection” or update a so-called “skill”. Geez, the pressure. I should just “Tumblr” on over to Pinterest to drool over the clothes I don't need, covet the house I will never have, and eyeball the crafts I couldn't possibly make. Oh well, I need to be thankful Vine wasn't around when I was a teenager (just said a little amen :-) )
Ok, on a serious note, I just never thought I would be the one that technology got away from, that I would sound (deep breath) like an older generation. I guess I should have gotten the hint when my babysitter kept comparing me to her mother and I could not stop looking behind me for the person to whom she was speaking. I think my eyes were particularly swollen that day because of lack of sleep-not because of my age or alcohol consumption! But it does take me back to a time when I distinctly remember my mom telling me -at some point in your life you will look in the mirror and wonder, “who is that woman?” and you will be talking about the person looking back. Mom, I cannot believe it, that time has arrived.

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