Monday, November 4, 2013

Reality Bites

That awkward moment when you really realize you'll never be Savannah Guthrie. It just happened to me seriously this morning. Knocking on the door of 39, I still thought somewhere in the back of my mind that if NBC just happened upon me (yep in Fort Thomas, KY) that they would realize I should be seated next to Matt. I thought it when I was watching Jane Pauley, Katie, Meredith and just today realized that it may, ok won't, ever be me. I know I could party with Kathy Lee and Hoda, shoot the shit with Al and Willie., totally hang with Carson (great addition by the way)-but it really is over. So what if I am a slightly overweight mother of three who lives in Northern Kentucky, has special needs kids and a home that is an absolute wreck-I think I really thought (you read that right), that I would someday get a seat at the table. I don't remember a lot about childhood, but I do remember my mother telling me I could be whatever I wanted to be. Well, mom, I haven't totally decided what I want to be when I grow up, but for the first time Today (pardon the pun) I realized it wasn't going to be a 7-9 gig on must-see morning TV-and that sucks. I guess it is time for a new goal-I think it will be to have someone look at me like Willie looks at Brooke when she guest hosts—utter awe. Man that would be something. Totally legit though, she absolutely rocks.-who knew?

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