Monday, November 18, 2013

Top 10

I was thinking today of how new inventions and modern technology have changed my life- definitely for the better! I know I have made fun of some of the “creative” or “tech savvy” skill sets in previous posts, but that is clearly a defense mechanism, merely trying to mask my own insecurity of not having any true skills. And sure, it may be a tad frustrating that I will not always have or keep up with the “newest” thing, but even the oldest version of the “newest” thing has made a significant impact. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have decided to make a list of items that have certainly made a difference in my life and at the same time possibly kept me sane. Note: not all are technologically based. Another note, #2-10 could be interchangeable, but # 1 stands.

Top 10:

1.)  The skirted swimsuit; absolutely, unequivocally-yes.

2.)  Google-could not get Jake through school without it and/or might have to get my own library card

3.)  MAC lip gloss-try it and see for yourself (hint-long lasting, shiny, fairly inexpensive)

4.)  Any and all Apple devices and apps-Sure I would survive without them, but am thankful I don't have to.

5.)  Single packets of coffee, tiny kit kats, boxed wine- I cannot put these in any order, they are equally               important to me

6.)  Battery operated Thomas trains-spend 15 minutes in my house and you will see why.

7.)  “slimming” yoga pants-spend an hour in my house and you will see why

8.)  fire starters-great way to get through winter-brrr, I hate to be cold!

9.)  gift cards and social acceptance of giving them-lazy

10.) DVR-pausing live tv, never having to watch a commercial, getting to watch old Glee's with Corey                  Monteith=happiness

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