Monday, January 13, 2014

Keeping Score

You know why keeping score is never good, especially with a spouse? Well obviously because, someone has to lose. I know you were thinking other obvious reasons not to keep score like um, it is not healthy for a marriage, it could cause resentment, it pits you against each other, etc. blah, etc.  But really, it just sucks be on the losing end.  OK seriously, I do feel the "I did this so you need to do that" isn't really the best way to come into or go out of a weekend, but do you feel like sometimes you just can't help it?  Do you ever feel like you are the one doing the puzzles, wiping butts, switching laundry, putting the dishes in the dishwasher, cleaning up toys- you get the point. But now, coming out of the haze of a whole lot of family time over the weekend, I realize the reality of the situation- I totally lost again.  You see, I had been looking so forward to the Golden Globes, not just the Globes however, the sixteen (no, not sixteen, 6. Yes, 6) hours of pre-Globes with the dresses, the interviews, the Bradley, and of course, the Queens of the Universe who in my mind are my close, personal friends, Amy and Tina. Judge if you must, but I am here to tell you, it is not a good look on you. Anyway, it is hard to do the aforementioned kids stuff when you want to be committed to E News and NBC for much of the day. I am not sure who I thought was doing all the work around here when I clearly wasn't, but still had my "poor pitiful me" attitude going into the evening.  I don't even want to list what Adam accomplished during the day because it will surely make you feel even worse for him being married to me than you already do. The moral of the story-if you know you are going to lose-stop keeping score!  Just kidding, the moral should be appreciation for what you have accomplished during a given day rather than what you haven't, appreciation for what your husband or significant other does-what other moms and dads are doing that are much harder and more taxing, and gratitude for the day in general.  It's a lofty attitude adjustment, I know, but it's better than losing!  And occasionally you'll get a moment like this in the picture, so very rare with Johnny...............and you realize no matter what-you've actually won.

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