Friday, January 31, 2014


That are so not funny...............

Miley and Madonna performing together-sorry, yes it is, it is hilarious!

Being asked when you turned 40 if you are not yet 40.  For me,  this statement is starting to turn into the "are you pregnant" of getting older.  Neither of which are good.

My obsession with mini pizzas. It's like I can hear them calling me from the freezer.

Children that stay up at night as late as you do

Long lines at the deli (I know they 
are busy back there, but they appear to just be ignoring me-weird)

Adult acne

Stress sweat

Eye twitching

My make-up in the natural light-inner Tammy Faye unleashed! 

The word "domesticity"-it sounds fancy, it means-crap work

The gas and electric bill in Feb.

Falling on the ice, unless you witnessed me doing it-then funny for you. 

Migraines and mean people 

Not being able to put lotion on your own back

Running out of milk in the morning (oddly with all of my shortcomings, Adam gets the most upset about this-really??)



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