Monday, January 27, 2014

A Grammy's Fan Letter

Dear Madonna,
You can do whatever you want- you are Madonna.  And you did, with your grill and your cane. Your young son is articulate, polite, and cute-how did you manage that?
I still love you and have guilt about that.
Ironically yours,

Dear Beyonce,
Oh my goodness. You evoke feelings in me I didn't know I had.
Lovingly yours,
A creepy old "er" lady

Dear Pink,
There are no words. You defy logic and gravity. You are pure entertainment.
Spectacularly yours,

Dear Taylor,
Keep bringing it. Don't listen to the haters.
Sincerely yours,
Someone old enough to be your Mother

Dear Daft Punk,
You stayed up all night and got lucky.
Respectfully yours,

Dear JayZ,
I don't know what you did in a previous life, but I am pretty sure it had to have been sainthood.
You are one fortunate SOB. I do think sometimes you have that look on your face that says, "I have no idea how I am getting away with this." Congratulations, neither do the rest of us.
Baffledly yours,
Your wife's stalker

Dear adorable/smart/spectacular person who sings "Brave". Thank you for being unbelievably talented. I could listen to you and Carole King sing all day. You glow. That's right, I remember-it is Sara Bareilles. Sara-you are fabulous.
Hummingly yours,

Dear Macklemore,
You give people hope and speak up for others. Thank you. I look forward to your next song! You rock, but dude, what about Ryan Lewis? Gotta give that guy some credit!
Oh, and Thrift shop makes me smile. :)
Anticipatingly yours,
A fan

Dear Katy Perry,
You are perfect.
Adoringly yours,
Person who could never figure out the why you married Russell Brand in the first place

Dear Justin (Timberlake that is),
I understand you are getting your BFF Jimmy ready for his new gig. However, you must show up, as eye candy, if nothing else. Seriously where were you?
Piningly yours,

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