Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The mind is the first to go.............

The extended winter break has taught me a lot about myself, and not in the best ways, unfortunately. So in the year 2014, it is a given that my body needs some work, but my mind needs some serious fine tuning. I have decided to log some thoughts I have had over the break and take a moment to reflect on what my old 2013 self should have been telling my new and "improved" 2014 self.

2013 me: I cannot do this for one more minute.
2014 response to me: You have to do this for a lot more minutes, hours, days, years- get over yourself.

2013 me: These kids are trying to kill me.
2014 response to me: Don't worry, the wine will get you first.

2013 me: It is only 8:30 am
2014 response to me: It is 8:30 am and freezing outside, you get to stay warm in your home and don't have to be on the dangerous roads or worse, dying a slow death in a cubicle. See that grass over there-greener!

2013 me: If only they could tell me what they want!
2014 response to me: Even if they could tell you, you would probably not want to hear it anyway.

2013 me: I beg of you (to the children) please play by yourselves.
2014 response to me: At least you don't have play board games, you loathe board games.

2013 me: Why can my husband get out of this house to go to work, but no one can get in the house to help me!?
2014 response to me: I wouldn't want to get in to help you either, you are acting like a whiny bitch.

2013 me: I am never going to get back to the gym.
2014 response to me: Oh please, you weren't going to the gym when they were in school, run the steps/do a sit-up/insert any other physical activity here ________.

2013 me: Start cleaning out closets and getting this house organized-you are so lazy!
2014 response to me: Just throw/give everything away and start over (it appears the laziness may carry over to 2015).

2013 me: Not even an ecard can make me feel better today!
2014 response to me: That is never true, ecards always make you feel better. It has been posted before, but it is worth repeating for sure, see below:

2013 me: I do love me some Britney Spears-who knows, maybe I will have a show in Vegas someday.
2014 response to me: Or better yet, go to a Britney show in Vegas! You are clearly a much better spectator.

OK, so I still need some work, but Christmas/New Year's break has made my mind stronger-really it has! I know my kids were happier this year than ever before. I let some things go (that wasn't meant to be a joke about my lack of exercise, by the way) and I tried to embrace each day. Some of the moments during these days weren't pretty, things got broken, but kids stayed in one piece for the most part :/. I hugged more and yelled less. I did the best that I could. 2013 me knows things are never going to be even close to perfect or even normal in this house. 2014 me wants to continue laugh, sing, dance and embrace the crazy-because the reality is, that's the only choice I have.

I doubt this posts, Johnny just poured half a Sprite on the keyboard.....2014 me is trying to keep it together.

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