Friday, February 28, 2014

Dear Oscar

As you may know, I started writing this blog because I wanted  needed to get out of my own head. So many things regarding the kids were cluttering my brain that it was literally threatening revolt. So I decided to "journal on the internet" and some friends and family have commented that they like it! Well, my rants on pop culture have also gotten as many or more laughs as my angst ridden, losing my mind, wanting to morning drink posts, so- here you go!

Caution:  I have not seen any of the movies nominated for an Oscar, so as usual, this post will be entirely superficial.

Dear Oscar:
Just change your statue to Lupita Nyong and get it over with.  Is there a more perfect specimen on the planet? I think not. And she went to Yale school of drama?  Life really isn't fair (no it didn't take Lupita's beauty and brains for me to realize that life isn't fair.)

Dear Oscar:
Don't let Julia Roberts take her stylist hostage again like she did at the Golden Globes.  You know you are surrounded by "yes" people when you decide to stick a white collared button down shirt under your couture dress and get on any "best" dressed list.  We know Julia, you just are out there living the simple life.  (Barf)

Of course, I'm more than a little jealous she still looks fab

Dear Oscar: 
Cut to George, Bradley, and Matthew as much as possible. Oh, and Brad too if he is shaven, short haired and sans Angelina (come on, it's a joke! But really, she'll probably be busy saving lives or better yet, eating a sandwich)

Dear Oscar:
I want  Bruce Dern to win just on the basis of his pre Oscar interviews. He said things like he has been "waiting for the call" for 55 years and it feels good to be "invited to the table."  His humility is heartwarming, plus old people say funny stuff in acceptance speeches.

Dear Oscar:
Woody Allen's genius should be celebrated where it belongs-prison.
                                         (No picture will be inserted, think creepy......)

Dear Oscar:
Please refer to Sandra Bullock as such. I know her"besties" call her "Sandy" but it makes me look behind her for Danny Zuko. How about you stop calling her "Sandy" and I'll quit saying "Bestie"-deal?  Otherwise she is perfect, and keeps getting better with age.

Dear Oscar:
Please feature musical guests.  Maybe some Kanye, I need something ridiculous to write about on Monday. Thanks in advance!

Dear Oscar:
What movies?  As much Ellen as possible!!

A girl pitiful enough that she really thinks she and Jimmy Fallon would be friends if she could just meet him.
We have so much in common . He has like 10 million viewers for his show and I have about 10 readers for this blog!

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