Friday, February 7, 2014

Eye of the Tiger

Last weekend, my friend Meg sent me a text that Rocky IV was on, so let the DVRing begin!  There are very few things I love as much as Rocky.  The music during the training scenes almost make me want to do physical activity, and the winter Olympics are coming up in Sochi, Russia (if you have had NBC on for a nanosecond you would know this-wow, can you say overkill!), so I had yet another excuse to watch one of my favorite flicks. Anyway, I picked out some epic lines from Rocky IV to share. Keep in mind, I have never claimed to be movie critic or even remotely intelligent, so take the following with a grain of salt. My tongue-in-cheek responses from this timeless film are in italics. Yes, I said timeless.

"You ain't never gettin' rid of me"-Rocky to Adrian
Through thick and thin baby. They are in it for the long haul. What's that?  Of course, I know it's just a movie. ;)

"But once you step out of that ring, Stallion, you're ancient history"-Apollo
It sucks not being relevant, I feel ya Apollo!

"You think maybe it ain't against him. You think maybe it's you against you." -Rocky to Apollo before he fights Drago
It always is.

"I want you to use your head for something instead of a punching bag."-Rocky to his son
Parents always want more for their kids.

"We can't change what we are."- Rocky to Adrian trying to defend his decision to fight Drago
Poor Rocky is always trying to prove himself to his bride.

"You can't win!."-Adrian to Rocky on the steps before he leaves to train in Russia
As Adam and Meg say, at that moment, something snaps in Rocky.

"You know what you gotta do, now do it. Do it."-Apollo's old trainer to Rocky when they get to Russia to train
Let the games begin

"I'm with you, no matter what."-Adrian coming to Russia while Rocky is training
Of course you are.

"Hit the one in the middle." Pauley to Rocky during his fight with Drago
No smart ass comment here, I just love this line.

"For me, for me!"-Drago during the last fight with Rocky
In my opinion, if something so important is only done for yourself, then you are in trouble.  Not to spoil the ending, but Drago was in trouble indeed.

"If I can change, you can change." Rocky's speech to Russian audience after defeating Drago

But really, after it's all said and done, don't we all just want to be loved the way Rocky loved Adrian.
Oh yeah!

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