Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Havin' the time of your life

Tribute Tuesday

Today's post was going to be hilarious. It was going to be a great story.  If I told you that the inspiration behind it was the Mother/Son '70's Disco Dance at Woodfill Elementary with Johnny, you would read because you would assume there was going to be something really funny/embarrassing/silly to tell. I mean, you can't really go somewhere with Johnny and not have something hysterical happen. Maybe not hysterical at the time, but a "look back on it and it's funny" kind of thing (refer to Red's Field Trip Extravaganza post if you want to know what I mean ;)).
But, unbelievably, the dance turned out to be uneventful and normal even.
Sure Johnny pointed to my mouth a gazillion times so I would sing the "This is freakin' awesome" line (yes, I know that isn't the real lyric) over and over from Thrift Shop his left ear while he played his Dora phone in his right ear as the disco ball spun in all of its florescent glory and simultaneously huge speakers blared really loud music throughout the elementary school cafeteria.  The child can apparently not be overstimulated. And yes, he did try to get back behind locked doors to where they would normally be serving food for lunch. Oh sure, he ran out the front doors outside only to run right back in about 30 times. Of course, he tried to climb under and between the stacked chairs and tables that were blocking off the gym. Occasionally, or every two to three minutes, he would drink a few half empty Sprites that belonged to other people (oh, and maybe a couple Gatorade's). But that is all pretty typical stuff.  Johnny didn't get out there and dance, but certainly knew the "words" to each and every song (he's my music guy), and he showed a vague, albeit definitive, interest in what was happening around him. Success!
What does that have to do with Tribute Tuesday?  Not a lot, so this is not a tribute to Johnny. Even though I was super proud of him for giving it a chance. This post is a tribute to the moms at the dance. It's a tribute to how you are raising your sons. It's actually more of a thank you.
Thank you to the many moms for asking your son to say hello even if he knew Johnny wouldn't say hi back. I know they do it every day-please know it does not go unnoticed. Thank you to the mom who asked if he wanted to get in a picture with the other kids, even though we knew he wouldn't stand still long enough. Thanks to the mom who told your son to ask Johnny to dance with the rest of the boys even though we knew he wouldn't go or even acknowledge he'd been asked in the first place. Thanks to all of you for trying to "chat" with me even though you knew I couldn't stop for conversation-please know I wanted to! Thank you for being genuinely excited that we were there. Thank you for being great moms and wonderful people. I often think what kind of mom I would be if all my children were "typical". I hope I would be like you.
Do not adjust your screen, this is blurry and as good as it gets!

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