Monday, December 9, 2013

Have you ever?

Have you ever woken up and realized you are not in the middle of a bad dream?
Do you remember the moment that your life separated from the rest of the “team?”
Have you ever wished so much that there were others with whom your experience you might share?
Do you remember asking the questions in your head, but ask aloud you could not bear?
Have you ever tried to reach out so hard your arm might break?
Do you remember the agony and the tears so violent your whole body would shake?
Have you ever looked deep into eyes that do not respond?
Do you remember saying “I love you” so many times and prayed those words alone will solidify the bond?
Have you ever wished and prayed for things you believe that they will someday be true?
Do you remember the exact time when you found out the blanket would be blue?
Have you ever come out of the haze and realized there is always a light?
Do you remember the sheer power of love and the desire to never give up the fight?
Have you ever been so buried and lost in the despair?
Do you remember the realization there are just some things you cannot repair?
Have you lived with a special child that is truly a gift from above?
Do you remember telling him that he will now and always be loved?
Have you ever picked yourself up and decided to look forward and not back?
Do you remember knowing that was the only way to get on the right track?
Have you ever felt something so deeply your heart sits open for all to see?
Do you remember becoming grateful rather than begrudging how life has turned out to be?
Have you ever asked these questions over and over as if the record in your mind is broken?
Do you remember the moment when you realized you can feel your child's love, even when words remain unspoken?

Mary Claire Brass

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