Sunday, December 8, 2013


I did a Top 10 a couple of weeks ago about wonderful things that make my life a whole heck of a lot easier and I wouldn't want to live without. No, I am obviously not trying out for Survivor any time soon. OK you reader you- if you saw my blog where I listed this aforementioned Top 10- you may have noticed- I left off Spanx. Let me write it again, I left off Spanx. Crazy-I live for Spanx. They are critical to my well being and whatever self esteem I have left. And no one said anything-well, I forgive you. But, I needed to revisit this topic since Spanx are the single greatest invention in human history. I said it, and I semi-mean it. It got me wondering though,why do people like lists so much? (Meals with 5 ingredients cooked to perfection in 20 minutes, David Letterman's hilarious top ten, toned abs in 3 easy steps) It sucks you in. Does it make us feel like we can attain whatever it is? (let me save you some time, the ab one doesn't work) I admittedly will fall for it every time. I am a total sucker. My husband thinks it is because it is shortens/summarizes things so you don't have to feel like you are spending a lot of time reading it, when you probably should be doing something else. Most of the time, I should be doing something more productive than what I am actually doing, so pretty sure he was talking about me. Anyway, I decided to list the Top 4 reasons I think people like lists:

  1. Supposedly unclutter your house, save $, cook dinner, do squats all in one Redbook-sign me up!
  2. Checking something off makes even the most unproductive day seem, well, yeah, productive. Ah, the rush of marking something DONE!
  3. In our no-wait culture, lists are immediate gratification-(example-Adam Levine-sexiest man alive on the cover of People. You're gonna have to open the magazine to get the other 100 hot men. I don't agree with the choice either, but it's not worth getting that upset over-geeze. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, it shall always be Ryan Gosling, 2nd on the list only to Adam Brass-had to sneak that in just in case he ever reads my blog)
  4. Who wants to go to the grocery 2-3 times in a day? Not this girl.
Oh my Gosh, I just read in Ladies Home Journal about “16 Women who made the World Happier This Year” (I told you I like a list) and Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, has pledged to give away half of her money to charities that empower women. She's #1 in my book! OK, that was cheesy, but seriously, good for her! She a billionaire, btw (mom, that is "by the way" in kidspeak.) Ms. Blakely, my sister Laura and I will be expecting our handwritten thank you note in the mail any day........

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