Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

End of an Era-the fake tree

Things that I have said would absolutely positively never happen-keep happening, sometimes daily. So for this post, I think I'll choose a rather comical and timely example. I have stated out loud I would not ever get a fake tree, not ever, and then life kept happening and fast forward to 2013 and for the first time, we have a fake tree. I haven't blocked out all of the memories of the real tree. Some remain vivid. Adam losing his mind because he can't get it to stand up straight, pine needles I am still finding under the carpet easily from two years ago, hives on my hands from putting on the ornaments, and of course, the epic battle of keeping Johnny from pulling every Santa and snowman ornament off as soon as you put it on, if not before (unfortunately that is going to happen real or fake, he doesn't discriminate). So why, why, why have we waited this long to succumb to the purchasing of a fake tree? Like most members of my family, I have to do things the hard way. If it doesn't cause angst, unnecessary heartache, and a good bit of arguing, apparently, I am just not interested. And so the tree is up and there was no yelling, fighting, and very little threatening. (don't worry, the threats were not between spouses, they were to Johnny who doesn't respond and is not deterred by idle threats). So the tree is up! It is a sad, sparse, nonliving little thing, but it stands straight, lights were (gasp) on it when it was bought, Adam has professed his love to it more in the last 48 hours than he has to me in 14 years, and Johnny has almost grown bored of pulling everything off! Everybody wins! The best part, Adam and I can remain in marital bliss, a marriage, for another year. Thank goodness, that's a relief. No really, it is. My mood has brightened and so bring it on Christmas-you can't break me.

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