Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yeah, I kinda do..................

Wish going up and down stairs during the day doing laundry was considered the Stairmaster

Wish hair drying counted as weight lifting

Wish lifting or picking kids up counted as benching

Wish changing diapers was considered Pilates

Wish putting a 9 year-old kid with autism to bed who doesn't want to go to bed was considered Yoga or kick-boxing, depending on the night

Wish chasing kids with permanent markers/knives/scissors was considered marathon running or at the very least, sprints

Wish emptying the dishwasher counted as squats

Wish driving the kids to practices/school/therapy/Dr. Appointments etc. counted as riding on the stationary bike (is that pushing it?)

Then I could say-look at me-fit as a fiddle!

Disclaimer-Saying "fit as a fiddle", just makes me a woman of a certain age, not a total loser. Oh God, yes it does.

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