Monday, December 9, 2013


From one child to another

I'm the kid you pass in the hall, say hello to, maybe share a moment in class,
I act differently than you and sometimes do not do as I am asked.
I spin, or twirl or flap my arms seemingly without care,
but there are times and experiences that with you I'd like to share.
I love clapping, singing, and laughing, and a stranger I've not met-
like you I am made in God's imagine, without shame, guilt or regret.
I know sometimes it is easier to laugh with friends even during my distress,
and wonder if you'll ask yourself why you mock the one whose words can't be expressed​?
Yet I promise I don't blame you, my own brother struggles from time to time too,
to be the one who has to stand up, instead of being cruel.
Parents too can be confusing and on their children many old prejudices land,
it is true of them as well, they are frightened by what they don't understand.
I hope in time you look into your heart because I know like mine it shines,
and then your mind will ask of you-will I be the one others call kind?

Mary Claire, Johnny's Mom

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